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VegaRubín and Asoc. Since its foundation in 2011, it is a Corporate established in Mexico that its challenge has always been the growth and professional excellence to offer them day by day the best advice and protection to their clients. Each of the lawyers is highly qualified, which follow a single guideline of quality and efficiency, which is why each client finds in our Corporate the most accurate and timely response in all areas of law. Always looking for the best legal protection and assurance, achieving the greatest success.

We provide legal services in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico city.

Corporativo VegaRubín y Asoc & Puerto Vallarta abogado
Corporativo VegaRubín y Asoc & Puerto Vallarta abogado

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When confronted with a complex legal problem you need an experienced lawyer at your side.We represent individual clients, businesses in a wide range of practice areas. No matter your legal concerns, you can count on our experienced legal team to offer an individualized service that suits your needs.


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The lawyer is very helpful, she gave me great advice and I felt very confident about my situation after our meetings. I felt like he really cared. Her vocational guidance and recommendations were exactly what I was looking in Puerto Vallarta.
Alejandra S.
She was able to advise so that, frankly, i felt secure.I am very grateful to her because she is helping me not only quickly but has been a great support in my divorce. Not only that, my request was presented in what I would consider a record time. Thank you!
Laura G.

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